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GSF is the only Black/Minority-owned Remarketing Consulting Firm in America.

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By providing real answers, education, and options based on your needs.

Our Mission

At GSF Consulting LLC we understand the needs of Consumers, Banks, Credit Unions, Governments and Financial Service Companies. GSF Consulting LLC was created to assist our customer succeed and bring dignified solutions to both consumers and institutions.

We Are a Company of Passionate Remarketing Consultants

GSF Consulting LLC

has removed the layers of organizational protections and excuses for loss mitigation and remarketing services.

We partner with our clients, building market knowledge, implementing standards, and understanding their personal and unique loss mitigation goals and needs.

Our goal is to Educate Banks, Consumers, Credit Unions, Financial Services Firms to
internally manage their portfolios, by controlling the entire process; repossession, title, auction management, and auditing.

By providing real answers,

education, and options based on your needs. We also offer consumer education, helping customers through the remarketing process, assisting them in process knowledge, education and seeking beneficial outcomes.

It’s our belief that remarketing is a second
chance, not a death sentence. We’ve built our nationwide network based on helping our neighbors, not destroying their futures.

Social Entrepreneurship and Education:

Social Justice Consulting is our mission, Consulting through the business principles of Social, Moral and Economic Justice, these are our measurements of success.

At GSF Consulting LLC, our measurements aren’t based on fees, but the client and consumer outcomes.

Bill Johnson, Owner, CEO

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GSF Consulting LLC provides Remarketing Training, Client & Consumer Education, and Best Auction Services Practices.
* Training of associates, helping companies build and maintain an internal remarketing team
* Educating Companies and establishing best practices and remarketing goals.
* Consumer education through options and best outcomes.
* Auction Services assists clients in building a regional and national presence. Auditing,
Transportation and Vendor Management.

GSF Consulting LLC practices the Principles of Social Entrepreneurship. Embracing Social, Moral, and Economic Justice, that bring affirming outcomes to all parties.” Bill Johnson, CEO

What Our Clients Are Saying

Bill was a pleasure to work with. He mentored me in the world of auto auctions and was an excellent resource for creative solutions. I recommend him for your remarketing needs.

Matt Krauter

Senior VP, New Markets, Blackhawk Community Credit Union

Professional, dependable, straight forward, and always efficient, these qualities come 2nd nature to Bill and are a benefit to anyone having the pleasure of conducting business with him. Although we worked in separate departments, Bill was always sharing his knowledge and experience to help teach me the ropes within the auto industry, and the professional world in general. An asset to anyone or any organization seeking ultimate success!

Warren E. Staley

Versatile Account Management Professional

Bill is a hard-working dedicated employee that I had the privilege of working with for several years. He worked well with the rest of our staff and fostered good relationships with our clients.

David Walsh

Director of Quality and Training, Center One

GSF is the only Black/Minority-owned Remarketing Consulting Firm in America. GSFRemarketing.com

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