Living in a state that takes great pride in having many of the top fortune 500 companies within it, it is a selling point to many black and brown professionals looking for a safe place to start and family or build economic success.

But quickly the reality sets in for both. The unspoken truth is access to culturally accepting neighborhoods is challenging. Uplifting community events are sparse or non-existence, familiar foods are foreign in many communities, and simple pleasures like haircuts are a 30-mile pilgrimage. Money cannot fix cultural ignorance and lack of community activities and access.  

Appropriation and appreciation are not the same. And it’s not the one brown employee’s job to fix, show or entertain your professionals where to live, stay, eat and find fulfillment. Most companies have embraced appropriation, hoping it will pacify the masses looking for a quick fix. But appreciation keeps black and brown professionals thriving and growing, knowing that their company understands the challenges of race and culture.

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