Hi this is Mr. Robinson, Today’s buzzwords are diversity, cultural awareness and diverse workplace. If we keep saying it, maybe someone will believe us, but we really don’t mean it.

If you want to know what America will look like in a generation, look at its classrooms right now. In 2014, children of color became the new majority in America’s public schools. Over the last 20 years, the number of Hispanic public schoolchildren has more than doubled, and the number of Asians has swelled by 56 percent. The number of black students and American Indians grew far more modestly—but the number of white students fell by about 15 percent. This change will affect not just our workplaces and our institutions but entire communities the country over. It will also transform our politics—in fact, it already is. – Sarah Carr

So, when you’re forced into another boring training or seminar on race, remember Twitter and buzzwords can’t save demographic death. “Change is difficult, not changing is fatal”.