Dr. King states in a Letter from a Birmingham Jail: “I have earnestly opposed violent tension, but there is a type of constructive, nonviolent tension which is necessary for growth” (King, 3). And ‘Without tension, issues are simply swept under the rug and the status quo remains”.

Often small business owners and entrepreneurs choose paths, status quo or disruptor? Like most business owners, I chose the path of least resistance, the status quo.  You know? Go along to get along, talk to many, make nice with everyone, never burn a bridge and don’t make waves (Cliché after cliché).  Doggedly believing that right would win the day, eventually everyone would see my knowledge, skill, wisdom and my sheer will would be enough.

I avoided the disruptor!!  Because disruptors are loud, rude and arrogant! Who are they to disrespect the ideals and fundamental principles of my status quo world?

Until, I unknowingly became a DISRUPTOR!!  I became that loud mouth, arrogant and rude person, I once hated!  I learned a valuable lesson about the disruptor; often the disruptor is that voice that reminds us of injustice, inequality and holding us to the values we claim we hold.

The Automotive remarketing/ banking industry can be summed up in this statement “Your welcome to dinner, but you can’t eat”.  The fact is 100 banks and nonbanks control the entire auto finance industry.  All admittedly opposed to any change, enforcement or sharing the ill-gotten gain won through nepotism and dishonest business practices.  As a disruptor, calling out banks and the automotive finance industry about their refusal to hire and include minority and women businesses, (which they claim to want) is hearsay of the highest order!

As the only Black/minority owned Remarketing firm in America I’m not that hard to find!  I’m listed on the first pages of Google and Bing, the two largest search engines in the world (maybe you’ve heard of them). It’s hard not to take this personally, until meeting other minority and women professional  business owners all experiencing the same treatment.

Many companies have begun hiring and building Diversity departments (We’ll call these folks quota fillers).  Sadly, these quota fillers are nothing more than protectors of the status quo!!  The quota fillers task isn’t to change how business is done, it’s to build, protect, support and maintain the companies every changing shell game, for not hiring qualified vendors.

As a disruptor, I look forward to highlight companies that embrace the possibilities of growth and diversity..