radio shack

Nearly a century after it opened its first store and sent out its first catalog, RadioShack declared bankruptcy on Thursday. Some would say, because RadioShack didn’t become a big box store like Best Buy or Circuit City (also gone), it failed.  I would argue, RadioShack failed to see the reality of change.

Like most companies within the automotive, financial and banking sector today, failing to see, understand and embrace the new America is leading them down the same path.

Having a tepid embrace of compliance and regulations isn’t enough; having a real understanding of the new America is non-negotiable.  Continuing to support outdated trade organizations, listening to same status quo government fights and thinking the black helicopters are coming, is death.

Failing to aggressively use and promote Women, Minority and LGBT Vendors is demographic malfeasance.  Companies that seek and embrace these vendors will find opportunity and growth.



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