time of change

Now that the CFPB has become the overseeing authority over banks and auto lenders, having trusted vendors like GSF Remarketing are not only critical to company success but are now legal obligations of compliance.

At GSF Remarketing, we not only meet but exceed the compliance standards of the CFPB and The Dodd-Frank Law. In 2011, GSF Remarketing began the process of incorporating The Dodd-Frank Law and ramping up for CFPB oversight. Our associates have worked with CFPB, all affected Federal agencies (FDIC, NCUA etc) and the office of OMWI, to prepare our organization for these compliance standards.

Let our work be your gain.

Bill Johnson

GSF Remarketing, LLC. is the Only Black /Minority Owned Remarketing Firm in the US. CERTIFIED: DBE, MBE, SBE, TGB and CERT

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