sad puppy

Google analytics tells me I have 6 to 10 seconds to grab your attention, before you space out. Here’s your 10 second Reality check!

  1. The CFPB is here to stay! (It’s the Law)
  2. Continuing a business model built on the backs of women, the poor and minorities is racist and biased. (minorities are the majority in 2040)
  3. Failing to use minority and women vendors is demographic suicide. (women are 53 percent of the population now, and minorities are growing)
  4. President Obama isn’t going anywhere! (He’s President until Jan 2017)
  5. Congress doesn’t have the votes to touch the CFPB! (NO veto overrides coming anytime soon)
  6. CEO wink and nod false promises of change are worthless!

Did I hurt your feelings in 6 to 10 seconds??? GOOD!!!!  It’s about time someone slapped you with truth! Over the last 5 years many within the banking and automotive financing sector have chosen to bury their heads in the sand or instituted the white knight solution for maintaining the status quo business practices.  The reactive stance by leaders within the automotive finance sector has failed to address this new reality.  Proactive or reactive?  The choice is no longer yours!

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