GSF Remarketing Is America's only Minority/Black Owned Remarketing Firm.

We hold Federal and State Certifications; DBE, MBE,SBE, TGB, SBA and CERT.

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About GSF Remarketing

GSF Remarketing (Global Sales Force) has removed the layers of organizational protections and excuses. This translates into lower remarketing/repossession fees, reduced days to sale and proceeds sent directly to you. We believe in building your companies name and pursuing your goals in the remarketing industry, not ours.

At GSF, we understand the Automotive Remarketing/Loss Mitigation needs of Banks, Credit Unions, Federal/ State/Local Government Agencies and Financial Service Companies. We apply our 15 plus years of experience into each transaction.

It’s our goal with every assignment; *Bring dignity back to your customer in the remarketing process, *Fighting for every dollar,* Keep fee’s low and * Never forgetting people/families are behind each transaction. ​


At GSF we understand the Third Party Serving marketplace and serve you by offering:

  • Flat service fee per unit
  • NO storage fee markups
  • Flexible sales options:
  • Auctions
  • Private sales (depending on states and laws)
  • Direct sales
  • You’re the seller, not GSF
  • Checks come directly to you
  • You receive all original auction backup with a list of charges.
  • Title / Consulting services
  • ​GSF is a full service Online Remarketing firm

​GSF Remarketing Is America’s only Minority/Black Owned Remarketing Firm. We hold Federal and State Certifications; DBE, MBE,SBE, TGB, SBA and CERT.


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